June 3 Status: 
Decade counter running - 17 DPDT relays. 
Researching wider relays to reduce number of relays.
Trade-off is price and simplicity of using one kind of relay.
Movie of decade count in action.
Decade Counter (AVI)
August 23 Status: 
Using 12 VAC relays.  Built panel 1 with 34 relays to test my circuitry, this is about 1/2 of the clock.
Next: build an electric pendulum escapement, and a display panel.
Lower panel.  Divide by 64 and divide by 10 with decode.
Movie of Panel in action (AVI)
Wiring of panel, this will be replaced by a circuit board for the kit.
December 21 Status: 
Working on a pendulum that is "kicked" occationally by a solenoid to provide the timebase.
Two racks and stained glass 7 segment display in action (WMV)